About Us

Euphie K Paul

Centre Director

An ear to listen and a mind to evaluate optimally always bring results to the table. That quite sums up the brilliance of Ms. Euphie K Paul, the MD of Welmont Hospital.Ms. Euphie K Paul holds MBA in the dual specialization – HR & Project Management from the prestigious institution Liverpool John Moores University, UK; a PG diploma in Medical ethics and Law from NUALS, Cochin, and is a Trained, Certified Montessorian since 2018 and holds the membership of AMI. She is a veteran when it comes to business conceptualization,administration, marketing communication, and value addition in every role she undertakes. She heads the People and Marketing Side of the business. Since 2015, she has unrivaled various managerial roles across industries in various organizations across the globe. She has been the go to person when it comes to documentation, marketing, sales, administration, and coordination across departments, clients, and management. She has worked with big companies like Mahindra & Mahindra, The Prestige Group, Sobha Developers, etc. Therefore, her hands on capacities have given the Hospital an upper end when it comes to seamless administration.

Rishi George

Centre Director
The passion to heal is what makes a Doctor exceptionally blessed. The Chairman of Welmont Hospital; Dr.Rishi George MBBS MD FID PGPC PGD MBA Internist, Diabetologist, and Metabolic Physician – makes our service one step ahead in the world of Patient Care in India. Dr. Rishi George will be envisioning the full fledged service factor of Welmont Hospital. Dr.Rishi has received training in Diabetes, Obesity, and Preventive Cardiac Care from some of the best institutes including CMC Vellore, Johns Hopkins Baltimore, and Royal College of Physicians London. Alongside the completed MBA in hospital management to usher in a better perspective in healthcare management. He is an expert in patient counseling and training subordinates in protocol based medical management with a dynamic focus on modern medical treatment executed through a holistic and optimistic approach. He is currently working on one of the biggest AI (artificial intelligence) platforms in Healthcare, to ensure that a maximum number of patients are benefitted from the most modern treatment for communicable and non-communicable diseases.
 From his experience and study, Dr. Rishi believes that cardiac rehabilitation is being neglected in Healthcare, which is very crucial in improving the Cardiac Health of a Patient. Simultaneously, he has dedicated his efforts to establishing a new age cardiac rehabilitation unit that meets International standards of quality. His research has diversified and he has commenced Age Reversal and Diabetes Reversal programs through which many people have already benefitted. He is a well experienced Certified Consultant and holds notable expertise in Diabetes, Obesity, and Preventive Cardiac Care.  His commendable medical service and deep medical insight have earned him accolades over the years. Apart from this, he is deeply involved in social voluntary work, patient counseling and training medical students on reverse diabetes, and interpreting the various medical reports from CT- scans, X-rays, etc.  His curated diagnosis skills have notably augmented his patient welfare treatments. He has been practicing for over 8+ years of experience in medical diagnosis, training, and streamlined hospital management. Today Welmont Hospital will serve humanity under his agile and dutiful acumen.

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